Steatite is a natural inorganic material consisting mainly of magnesium silicate. It is extracted from soap stone, added various substances to achieve specific properties. Steatite is distinguished by the extreme temperature resistant (+1000 C) and mechanically stable at these high temperatures. It is the material's electrical properties which are primarily used since steatite is an extremely good electrical insulator with good dielectric properties. In addition, steatite, a UV resistant and age-resistant much fodder. 

Material hardness makes it ideal for cutting or abrasive applications. 

Dyrholm Ltd. primarily produces steatite C220 / C221 both powder pressed and estruderede topics. Steatite topics sintered (burnt) after careful admitted firing profiles through advanced Oven Control at temperatures above 1200C. For special purposes, Dyrholm Limited offer glazing of steatite subjects to obtain moisture and dirt repelling properties.






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